Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Duncan's teeball team wins

But so did the other team. The teeball team Duncan is on is run through the YMCA and for the 4-6 age group they don't keep score, they don't count outs, everyone gets to bat each inning and everyone gets to play in the field. This means that you tend to have about 3 shortstops between 2nd and 3rd and also 3 shortstops between 1st and 2nd. Our team did get some of their players out at 1st base but they still let them stay on base and continue running when the ball was hit. I mean hey, these are just little kids who only have a limited understanding of the game as it is. The focus is to learn some basic skills and to have fun. So far Duncan is having fun. After the game we went to eat at a BBQ place near the ballpark. I can't remember it's name but they had some OK food.


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