Friday, October 03, 2003

Jim's Big Ego Supports Music Sharing. . .

and you should support them. They are a great band that sent me this e-mail (that I am reprinting below). These guys are very good and confident that by letting you get some of their music for free you'll see how good they are and want to support them with your hard earned cash.

Hey Egomaniacs!

That's right - Jim's Big Ego will not sue you for downloading and sharing
our music. We won't subpoena your 12 year-old daughter. We won't accuse your
luddite grandmother. We will not lobby Congress to throw you in jail. And we
will not punish you for wanting to listen to our music.

That's because we own the rights to our songs. We release our music by
ourselves. And we believe that we have the right to encourage you to share
our music with your friends without fear of retribution from us or anyone

To prove our point, our most recent release - THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! - has been
licensed under a Creative Commons NonCommercial-ShareAlike attribution,
which unlike a traditional (c)opywright, gives you official permission to
share our music as long as it is not for commercial purposes. To read more
about Creative Commons and their noble mission visit:

You can now grab a free MP3 of "Mix Tape" from They're Everywhere! To get
the song, visit

THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! is now available direct from
JBE via secure server in one of three ways:

Order the physical CD - $10.00 + shipping
Download the entire CD - $10.00 (high-quality MP3)
Download individual tracks - $.99/MP3

You can also preview four full-length songs. For more info and to order now,

Looking to get your hands on some Big Ego swag?
CDs, T-shirts, stickers, and Poetry Books all available now at

Jim's Big Ego
"UnPop for the UnPopulous"


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