Saturday, October 23, 2004

We’re in Reno Nevada (for a whole week)

If you look at Tamara’s Blog (on the menu to the left) You’ll get a much more in depth view of this, our first full day of the Reno, Nevada internet meetup vacation. But I’m gonna put my own spin on this baby anyway.

The trip actually started Friday night. After working all day we went to the airport and hopped a flight to Denver. At Denver we sat in the plane for nearly an hour as all baggage checked locally was scanned due to a TSA breach of security. We finally got to the hotel (The El Dorado Hotel and Casino in lovely Reno, NV) and in bed by midnight local time (2 am CDT). The highlight of the trip for me was discussing politics with a moderate Republican from the Reno area. I expose the flaw that will probably keep me out of politics when I say that I can’t remember his name. His views annoyed Tamara so much she grabbed my MP3 player and tried to drown us out with that.

The next morning we did what all people want to do on vacation. We slept until we couldn’t sleep any more. After the normal morning stuff we went down and had a honkin’ huge breakfast buffet. The buffet was big, but the honkin’ huge part was how much we ate. After breakfast we wandered around downtown Reno. We went to a gift shop, the post office, some casinos, saw the nice stuff they’ve done with the Truckee River that goes through the middle of town. Around 11:40 (PDT) we ended up at a 12-plex movie theater. Since we didn’t have to get anyone to watch the kids, we went to see “Shawn of the Dead.” It was a pretty funny, and kinda gory movie. After that we went back to the room for a bit before walking all the way down Virginia street to Pirate Tattoo. Some of the people meeting here want to commemorate the occasion with ink so we scoped it out for them. The second hike ended up being about 2.5 miles so we were pretty hungry when we got back. So it was back to the buffet. For dinner you had lots of choices on meats but very few choices on veggies (mainly salad). It was kind of interesting and sad to see so many people with plates brimming full with different kinds of meat and not a plant in sight. After dinner we’ve just been kicking back and doing things like updating our blogs and uploading photos to ofoto. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully we won’t find anything constructive to do with it.


Blogger Tamara said...

The highlight of the plane trip for me was when it ended.

And, pardon me, but I don't think I ate a huge honkin' big breakfast. I ate a big breakfast but you were the one who partook of a huge honkin' one.

10/23/2004 11:30 PM  

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