Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Comedy of Errors

A Comedy of Errors

So I'm sitting here in Jones, Oklahoma waiting for a tow-truck to take my younger brother's van back to his house. We were supposed to use the van to move some bookcases for my Mom. But that would be too easy; so my brother came up with a better idea.

He found another van in Jones that he wanted to buy for parts to help keep his van running. Now this is a 1972 v-8 van that gets very bad gas mileage. So rather than spend money keeping this van running, he should just get a different fuel-efficient used car. He didn't like that idea.

On the way out to Jones his van started cutting out. I'm not entirely sure how we're supposed to tow this other "parts" van back to OKC with his current van cutting out. We eventually get to the place in Jones and no one is home.

That's right, no one is home. He didn't call ahead to verify that anyone would be there. After leaving a note on the door he heads further into Jones to an auto repair shop. Of course it's closed but it's also the guy's house so he lend's my brother some tools and helps him verify that his fuel pump is out.

I call for a tow and since we are within a stone's throw from the edge of civilization, we get to wait for an hour and a half for them to get here.

Well, its only a Saturday. What better way to spend the day than to wait in the middle of nowhere waiting on a tow.


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