Friday, October 10, 2003

Estrogen OK!

Daisy Rock: I was at Guitar Center the other day and saw the "Girl's Guitar Method" book. It seemed interesting but it was the guitar company making heart shaped and daisy shaped guitars for girls that caught my interest. BTW - A guitar made for a girl involves having a thinner neck so smaller hands can get around it like larger guy hands get all the way around normal guitar necks. The only reason I can see that this would be a good thing would be when you wrap your thumb around and fret the 6th string with it. It's not often used (and against the proper position for holding a guitar that I learned) but there are certain chord variations that demand that thumb on the 6th string. Having stubby little fingers like I do, I'm thinking a thinner neck might be something I'll want to look into someday too. From this site I went to several linked sites like:

Lillix: It's an all-girl Canadian rock band. They play there own instruments, work with Avril Lavigne's and Pink's songwriting teams, and have a minor hit with a remake of the Romantic's "What I like about you." There sound is very produced and the lead singer ends up being in the Avril/Michele Branch clone sounding department. It's good that they play their own instruments so when they're no longer the flavor of the month they can still do their own thing. I imagine that we may end up getting the album for Duncan since they do sound like other youth-oriented bands he likes.

Women Who Rock Magazine: An interesting idea but they don't give away enough content to make me want to get them at the newsstand (that might be hard here in Oklahoma anyway). It sounds like a good mag that you should look into whereever you get your local magazines.

Lady Six String: The site lists as your on-line guide to the female guitarist and it seems to fit the bill. I haven't had much of a chance to look around much but I did want to mention it.


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