Friday, February 01, 2013

The minivan is ill and I'm stuck ay the homeschool coop.

"The minivan is ill. AAA is taking it to the car doctor. It may be the fuel pump."

So that's my facebook status update and the tweet that happened after the minivan stopped working today. But where does that leave the full-blown blog. So I've micro-blogged and fed the social media and now I wait for retweets or @ responses or likes or comments wishing me condolences in lieu of liking something negative.

So here's what happened. I was driving some youth to the homeschool coop here in Bellevue, WA and driving down 140th the engine turns off. The car is still rolling so I fight the sudden lack of power steering and pull off to a side street. After letting the car sit for a bit, it looks like it will start back up. But almost immediately it sputters and stops. At this point it seems plike it might be the fuel pump or a fuel filter. So I call the auto shop, call AAA, and walk down to the homeschool coop. Now we wait until Kim can pick us up.


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