Monday, January 03, 2005

Today's Topic -- You are standing in a doorway.
The earthquake started as Officer Robinson reached the crime scene. He was on the fifth floor of the apartment building and immediately ran for a doorway. He braced himself in the door and watched as the body inside bounced across the floor.

The body of a middle-age man had been nearly severed at the waist. His entrails stuck to the floor in a wet mound. His torso was tethered to the mound by his intestines. His face was partially crushed and his jaw enacted a gruesome marionette show as it bounced out of sync with the rest of the head.

A bright light formed at the far end of the apartment. Officer Robinson saw some shadows moving on the far wall. He reached for his gun as the light flashed and went out. The last jolt of the earthquake followed the disappearance of the light and knocked Robinson over and into the corpse. His uniform was ruined. He got up and tried not to spoil the scene further or slip in the gore around the room.

He went quickly to the kitchen with his gun drawn and found an empty room with a large circular scorch mark on the floor. Blood had been used to draw several weird shapes on the walls.

"Robinson, what are you doing in there," Sergeant Tanner said from the other room. "Is it safe to come in?"

"I thought I saw some movement in here that wasn't part of the earthquake," Robinson said. "You better send some crime scene guys in here. There's blood all over these walls."

Robinson could hear the click and whirr of the crime scene photographer and other movement in the other part of the apartment.

"Jesus Christ," Tanner said. "You been in there huggin' the corpse. You're a friggin' mess. Don't tell me you got a thing for chewed up dead people now."

"Very funny; that earthquake knocked me on my ass," Robinson said. "I need to finish up here so I can go scrape this guy off of me."

"Funny thing about that," Tanner said. "The only people who felt the earthquake were the ones already in the building. If I hadn't felt it myself, I'd think you were lying just so you could snuggle up with your friend in there."

"You don't know when to quit, do you?" Robinson said.

"I figure I've got one or two more before it gets too old," Tanner said.

"Sergeant," an officer called from the other room. "You and Robinson should come get a look at this."

(To be continued, I'm sure. I was thinking about some Hellblazer/Call of Cthulu kind of story. I'm not good with the police procedural so that would need work. I just liked the idea of bracing in a doorway during an earthquake next to a gory crime scene.)


Blogger E said... are good at that description part...more kind of, please.

Hopefully you enjoy writing these as much as I enjoy reading them...they be damn fun.

1/04/2005 6:11 AM  
Blogger blaize said...

Oh yeah, gimme more. You left us with a delectably gory cliffhanger.

1/05/2005 1:06 PM  

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