Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ok, that didn’t work.

My writing every day and posting to the blog only lasted 4 days. I did some extra writing but, for the most part, I’ve let life get in the way of writing. I’m only marginally able to manage my time – at the best of times – so it’s no surprise to me that I wasn’t able to keep this going.

I find it too hard to get up in the morning and be productive at something like writing. Most mornings I feel pretty good if I can get me to work and Duncan to school without forgetting something. The problem, though, is that the freest time I have is after the boys have gone to bed. I’m usually pretty tired by then and find it difficult to do more than read.

I don’t want to whine here about my time mismanagement / being a slug issues. So I’ll. Just try to do something here. It may be fiction, diary, rants, I don’t know yet.

I’m also coming down from a head-cold / allergy attack that’s lasted about 4 days. At this time of year it gets hard for me to tell the difference between a cold and an allergy attack. Usually if I’m not generally achey then I assume its just allergies.

That’s about it for now. Let’s hope I can write some tomorrow too.


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