Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm A Big O'l Geek.

I've just set up my wi-fi card for my iPAQ pocket PC. So naturally I have to go to blogger and tell the whole world about it. Of course, being the geek that I am, I have to write this whole post - including html - using the handwriting recognition area. This fits in well with the two previous posts written longhand on the tablet PC I have through work. ( BTW - I still have the third day of Iforum I need to post. I'll try to do that tomorrow.) I'm out on the internet trying to find the little corners and ghettos where the small screen of the ipaq is welcome. Pocket PC Magazine has a pretty neat list of mobile friendly sites. Blogger's not on it but it seems pretty "mobile" friendly so far. As I find cool sites I'll tell Duncan about them so he can geek out over them when he's on the internet with the ol' Ipaq.


Blogger E said...

LOL...good geek. And you did find doom for the whole family...what more do you want?

11/02/2005 6:55 AM  

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