Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rebooting My Blog

OK, I'm rebooting my blog and moving it away from Tamara still has her blog and other content there but since she is relocating the content to a different provider, I thought I'd just park my often neglected ruminations on this part of the cloud. Now I just need to link in to my Facebook account so that when I post here it will update there and so forth.

For the last two years the Hodge family has been going through a transition that is pretty well done. Tamara and I have ended our marriage of 24 years and the long, drawn-out story about what's it all about will probably be filled in later. The important part is that we're still friends, I'm friends with her new partner, we're co-parenting the kids and trying to get on with our lives with little fanfare or hoopla.

Looking back over the posts you can see that I worked at Microsoft. as of May 2009 I no longer work there (although they paid me through July). I know work for a company called PTSO of Washington. The company provides Electronic Practice Management (EPM) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for Community Health Clinics in the state of Washington. I get to do servers, networking, hardware, Citrix and just about anything else I'm asked to do. I really like the job, the people I work with and the variety of things I get to do and learn. Its super!

I'm trying to write more. I've been trying to write more since about 1985. So I'm on my 25th anniversary of trying to write more and eventually get fiction published on a regular basis. There was a time when I worked for magazines or did freelance non-fiction but that's just not very fulfilling to me so I've tried to focus on fiction. But, alas, I'm too distractable. So I will try yet again to get into the habit of writing. Somehow I feel this is key and until I master this one basic addiction, I won't find the kind of success I'm looking for. I'm not trying to be Tom Clancey or Stephen King. Success for me is finishing stories that I would like to read (not quite there yet) and sharing them with a wider audience. If you go back to January of 2005 in the archive you can see some short samples of my writing.

To that end I did finish a short story and submit it to the writing workshop associated with Norwescon. So sometime in early April 2010 I will have the pleasure of having a pro (or semi-pro) tell me what a piece of crap I submitted. Oh there will be some talk of showing and not telling or building suspense and such. I had a high of about 2 hours after submitting the story before I came down and started seeing all of the things that were wrong with it. I have notes and will be working on these things before the workshop but I'm also wanting to hear what they have to say.

I'd like to find a writing critique group here in the Seattle area to workshop stuff on a regular basis.


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