Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I’ve Lost a Couple of Writing Books.

I’ve spent parts of several days looking for my copies of “Writing Fiction, The Practical Guide” from the Gotham Writer’s Workshop and “A Writer’s Book of Days.” I really like both of these books. Writing Fiction has tons of good writing exercises for just about every step of the fiction writing process and the Book of Days has a writing prompt for every day of the year. Since I’m trying to make an effort to write every day (even if it’s just a note about not finding my writing books) I’d like to find these two and use them to keep me moving in a somewhat forward direction. I may have to wing it or break down and buy them again.

After I wrote the previous paragraph, I started thinking about the story I submitted to the Writer's Workshop at Norwescon. I wrote an outline of where I wanted to change the story. I put on some Orbital (I like to write to mellow techno) and thought about the story and a scene came into my head. I'm not posting it here because it is both a first draft and from the middle of what I want to change. At least I can write a little even without those books.


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