Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday Was My Day of Rest

The person I've been dating has decided she has some things to work out before committing to an ongoing exclusive relationship. I accept this. It kind of bums me out but we were still in the early part of the relationship where we're still getting to know one another so I'm not an emotional wreck over it. So I didn't have plans for Sunday like I thought I would. I reactivated my account on OKCupid and that's probably the most depressing part of the whole experience. There's something about on-line dating sites that reminds me of looking for a job (something I really don't like to do in the first place).

I got into a pretty bad mood Sunday morning. I took the boys to lunch at Claire's Pantry in North Seattle. It was supposed to be breakfast but it took a while to get everyone going. It's probably petty but the service at the restaurant put me in a foul mood. The food came out in three separate trips with about 5 to 10 minutes between each trip and I had to remind the server of the items we still needed. And she didn't bring coffee around. What probably made this worse, for me, was that I could see the next set of tables with a different server. This server was doing a pretty good job and it threw ours into stark contrast.

I did calm down and enjoyed most of the day. Calvin had a friend over to play and I got to watch an interesting independent film called Primer. I'll write more about it in a bit.


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