Thursday, August 21, 2003

Star Wars Kid

I saw this video a while back and again stumbled across this site with several dozen remixes of the original. The story is kind of sad, geeky and really funny. There's also a Yahoo News story about SWK and how all of the publicity isn't that great. It just goes to show that if you have to choose between rich and famous, you're better off choosing rich.
Turn any web site into a porn site

I'm not too good at posting thing I stumble across on the internet. There have been many in the last few days and I just forget to click that blog button on the google toolbar. But this time I did it. I was browsing around and remembered something a friend showed me last year. It was down the last time I checked but I decided to check again and lo and behold it is up and running. With this wonderful time waster you can put in almost any URL and have it throw lots of random nastiness. It's really funny to read CNN in a porn version. Here's this weblog page totally messed up with raunch. Be Warned: If you are in a place where this can get you into trouble or if you are easily offended then don't click on these links.

I'll try to be better about posting more stuff -- but I can promise nothing.

Monday, August 18, 2003

INTEGRIS Health: Home

This is the web site I work on (at work). I'm just making this entry to show off blogger.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

This Modern World
If you're a liberal and don't mind the word "liberal" then this comic is for you. If you're a conservative and damn proud of it, then this comic is definitely for you. The text is often sprinkled with direct quotes from neocons who just had to say something before sticking the foot directly into the mouth. But just so you don't think he's too anti-Bush, this comic has been running since Bush the elder's reign. So you've got 8 years of Clinton-based comics to read too.
Schwarzenegger says he's running for governor

Well, he's gone and done it. I thought he was going on The Tonight Show to tell people he wasn't running. But that's not what he did. The big question is: Will his star power and somewhat moderate politics be enough to legitimize the circus that the recall has become. And even if he does win can he do anything with the state in time for it to do Bush any good in the 2004 election cycle. Outsider candidates can sometimes be effective. I'm sure this isn't what Gray Davis wants but he has prepared well by raising more money than anyone else in California's history. And according to a report on NPR yesterday, all candidates to replace the governor will be under spending limits but the governor himself won't be because he's campaigning against the recall not running for office.
Google Toolbar 2.0 Beta

OK, I finally installed the new Google toolbar so I can get the pop-up blocking and the direct link to Google. Tamara keeps getting on to me for telling her about some piece of the web I found that I could Blog but didn't. Now I won't have that excuse.