Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Primary Election Today

So today is the second day of the Democratic National Convention and primary day here in Oklahoma. Being a Democrat I got to vote. Since Oklahoma has a closed primary system only Democrats and Republicans can participate in the primaries. Oklahoma is notorious for it's ballot access laws and most minor parties are shut out of the process. I chose the more progressive Democratic candidates because even if they don't win (which they won't) I feel that in a Primary election you sould really vote for who you like, not who you think will win. That's reserved for the general election -- eventhough most of the people I vote for lose anyway.

Monday, July 19, 2004

WOW! I'm really bad about updating this. 

My blog sits and languishes. The last neat thing I did was to get some CSS and javascript together to have the comments hide and unhide. This is mostly used by Tamara, which is OK since she is much better about updating her blog and has more online friends to comment on her entries. I am a slug and most of my friends are slugs (online or not). So I don't post and they don't comment.
I'm going to try to think up a good post later today, or at least later this year.