Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sakura Con is coming

Sakura Con is starting on Friday.

There is a rush of cosplay activity at the house as all of the youth (minus Duncan) get costumes ready for the Con. Duncan will be using the "American Teenage Gamer Geek" costume that he wears just about every day. Calvin is going as Scout from Team Fortress 2. Jaxon is going as Red, the Pokemon trainer from the original Pokemon Games (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green). Veda and Destiny are going as two of the female characters from Pokemon but I can't remember which ones (I'll update when I know). Deanna will be going as Mabel from "Gravity Falls." Luka will be cosplaying but I can't remember what it is (again, I'll update when I remember  - or am told again; which is more likely). And Leon probably has a different cosplay for each day that is coordinated with the group he hangs out with at these cons; but alas I don't know which characters he will be going as.

Kim may cosplay something. She has a lot of wigs, goggles and other items to put something together if she wants. I will be cosplaying "Guy with a pork-pie hat." I've been perfecting this cosplay every day for almost two years now so I think I can make quite a splash.

I'll take pictures and update the blog as I am able (which probably means that I'll put up a post in about six months saying I'm sorry for spacing on the blog again).