Sunday, August 08, 2004

Fair and Balanced My Ass

Media Matters for America has its analysis of Democratic convention coverage by the three major cable news channels. Is it a surprise that Fox News at 3 hours and 40 minutes showed over an hour less of the campaign than either CNN (at 4 hours and 56 minutes) or MSNBC (at 5 hours and 27 minutes). Even conservative Fox News comentator Cal Thomas decried the Fox coverage with the following quote:
"If cable networks do the same thing at the Republican convention and interrupt or not cover Republicans, I think the conservatives out there, especially those who are fans of this network [Fox News] are going to scream and yell. So if you're going to be fair and balanced, I think you have not to cover at least as much of the Republican speakers as you've not covered of the Democratic speakers." emphasis is mine
It'll be interesting to see just how much of the republican convention all of the cable channels show, but especially Fox News.

I actually watched most of the convention from C-SPAN. They just showed the live feed from the convention and had no commentary until it was over. So they probably won the event on amount of coverage with dozens of hours.

Oklahoma Primary Update

So my last post was about voting in the Oklahoma State Primary. I voted for Monte Johnson for US Senate eventhough I knew he had no chance of winning. I feel that in the primary you can sometimes give the nominee a wake-up call by having an alternative challenger with a strong showing. That didn't happen this time as Johnson came in a distant third. And although Brad Carson is more conservative than I like (he's the current 2nd district congressman who often votes with the Republicans), I think he's a much better choice than the near-wacko (Tom Coburn) that the Republicans have nominated. But don't take my word for it, check up on both the candidates and make your own decision.

As for 5th district congressional candidates, I voted for Bert Smith. He's a teacher here in Oklahoma City with a past in military service, two children currently serving and no chance in hell of winning in the general election. I wish it weren't so but Ernest Istook has a stranglehold on the voters in Oklahoma County. I'm not sure if it's the power of incumbency or general apathy but he keeps on winning.

In my own state legislative district, the son of the current incumbent won the Republican primary and an experienced lawyer won the Democratic primary. John Morgan, 61, is a former small business owner, an auditor and a personal bankrupcy lawyer that has built a career helping people having hard times and advocating for fiscal responsibility. He's running against Trebor Worthen, the 24 year old son of the current incumbent. In early press about his candidacy he was listed as working as the office manager for his father's business. That has all changed now and he's being touted as a successful small businessman for some real estate work he did for a company while in college. In short he has no record and has stated no opinions outside of some very conservative social positions. It looks like it will come down to someone who has experience and a record of fiscal responsibility or someone who'll man the barricades against the ungodly homo gun-haters in the Democratic party. It'll be interesting to see who wins.