Friday, February 27, 2004

Ben's Funny Story from Arizona

So Ben is this guy I work with. He's cool, plays guitar, and is into pretty good music. He's also a really nice guy. He's in Phoenix, AZ this week for some training and just sent me this note about his time away from home.

Gotta funny story for you. So I’m sitting in the bar last night at the hotel. Just me and some skanky looking dudes next to me. So I look over at them and I start thinking these guys look familiar. Then I realize it’s the band Godsmack sitting right next to me. So I sit there, have a couple drinks and decide I’m going to say something to them. Well my friend's band from Florida toured with them this past summer so I go up to the lead singer and say my friend's band Presence toured with you guys and heard you were really cool or something to that extent and the guy was a TOTAL jerk. He said he didn’t know who they were so I was just like, "Whatever, dude!" It was kinda funny though -- the guy has a really deep voice and I figured he’d be some 6 foot + big guy. The dude was pushing 5 feet and scrawny. I probably could have thumped him and broke him in half. Anyway I thought you might find that funny. Have a good one an I’ll see you Monday.

- Ben

Imagine that, a self-involved butthead in the music business. What's the chance of that? Without knowing more I'd have to cut the guy some slack -- it may have been a bad day. But I liked the way Ben told it and felt like sharing.