Monday, October 21, 2013

A Video Portfolio

Here are some links to work that I have done since redirecting my career into film and video production.

Hostile Work Environment:
The "GenCon: Behind the Screen" videos were all edited by me using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The videos have a narrative short piece at the beginning and a talk-show segment at the end. I was the 1st AC on the narrative sections and Director of Photography and Technical Director on the talk-show segments.

The First Paladin
This is a series of videos based on a role-playing game run by Peter Adkison and set in the world of Chaldea. Peter has been developing the world since the early 1980s. I did a variety of jobs on these videos (camera operator, technical director, etc.) and edited most of the segments. The early segments were done in Final Cut Pro with the latter segments in Adobe Premiere Pro. These gave me a lot of experience with multi-camera editing. There are also some motion graphics done either in the video editing software directly or in Adobe After Effects.

Kickstarter Videos
"The Devil Walks in Salem" -- a short film based on a story gaming session set in the times of the Salem Witch trials. I filmed and edited the video for the successful campaign.
Dicke Katze & Friends Fat Cat Plush -- Dicke Katze is German for Fat Cats and this campaign will enable the creation of fat cat plush dolls that are super cute and everyone should go buy one. I filmed and edited the video for this successful campaign.

Seattle Film Institute
Here are some of the projects I did while redirecting my career. I liked SFI because many of the projects were shot on film. This introduces a discipline (partly because you have a limited amount of stock to shoot he project) that translates well into the organizational skills needed for video projects.
TV Boy - This project isn't on YouTube so I have to link to it separately. I was the DP on this 16mm film shoot. But I like it also because I made the TV heads the two main actors wear. It seemed kind of sad that we had these two beautiful actors and the first thing we did was ask them to replace their heads with TV sets.