Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blog update for Duncan

Duncan Actually Reads My Blog
So Duncan, my older son, is apparently the only person that actually reads my blog on a regular basis eventhough I haven't updated the blog since last summer. So I thought I'd update my blog to give him something to read. This goes to the basic problem of the internet.
The internet is based on content.
Knowing the technologies of the internet (xHTML, CSS, Programming, databases, servers, networking) does nothing but enable the delivery of more and better content. But none of that helps you if you don't have any content to deliver. People find all sorts of ways to overcome this problem from blogging/vlogging about their personal lives, hobbies, professional interests and the collection and distribution of content from others (creating meta-content).
My problem is that all of that takes effort.
It's a very directed and conscious effort to participate in this realm. And like any member of my family will tell you, I can be an early adopter but not often a major contributor. You can look at this blog as a good example. I've been writing on this blog off-and-on since the year 2000. But other blogs (even ones by family members) haven't been around as long but have far more posts than this blog.
This is a generic internet problem; not just focussed on me. Why else would twitter be so popular. You can generate content from your phone via text message. With only 140 characters, there is no pressure to create something extensive or thorough. And you can follow others tweets and comment on them. If you're doing all of this from a phone via text messages then you better be on a good plan.
But it's easy and incorporated into a virtually ubiquitous technology (cell phone text messaging). So people do it and love it and get in trouble for doing it while on jury duty.
It also offers a dynamic use of opt-in permission marketing. You choose to follow the tweets of celebrities, products and services you are interested in. You can add and drop as your fulfillment is enhanced or diminished.
But how does twitter make money on this? Most of the traffic is offline with the internet being more of a conduit for collaboration and archiving and the input/output device is a device that's on a separate technolgy infrastructure altogether.
I'm already behind the times even posting to this blog (although I do have a twitter account that automatically posts to my facebook status so I'm not entirely out of the loop).
I guess that's enough for Duncan for today.

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